Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Property Inspection Bhopal & Jhansi 

Property Inspection Bhopal & Jhansi Ham Rakhenge Aapke Ghar Ka Khayal

 Inspections are visits to a house or property for inspection, condition of the property like heating and cooling systems, plumbing , electrical work, water and sewage, Viewing records and reports about the property, taking photographs/video clipping .

Inspection will be usually conducted before and after tenant vacate the property.

How it Works

We depute our executive to examine the property condition and provide a written report regarding the property condition, any encroachments, any damages or misuse of the property, if necessary shoot a video/photograph,including an assessment of necessary or recommended repairs, maintenance concerns or other related issues.

Services fees – 2000 INR

 Fill up application form & Send us a soft copy through Mail or Call us & our executive will collect this at your door at your convenience,

For more information call us on 91095553322 or send inquiry Or Application Form


 Service fees will take through Paytm wallet